We Know City


Help Account

I forgot my password. What do I do?
a. Go to the Home Page, click login and click on "Forgot Password"
b. Follow the instructions

What if I can't remember my email and password?
We hear taking Ginkoba can help for that or you can do the following:
a. Go to the contact page, select Forgot Login information
b. Provide the full name on the account and the profile name. A staff member will respond to you as soon as possible.

How do I change my password?
a. Login, click on "account" in the group of blue buttons to the right
b. Click change password

How do I cancel my We Know City account?
Now why on earth would you do that? Don't give us that it's not you it's me routine. We hope it never resorts to this action because we value your presence, but if you still decide to cancel:
a. Login, Click "account" in the group of buttons to the right
b. Select the box next to "delete account", then click save

Help Blogistic

Can I write for the WKC Blogistic?
Of course. At the present time, we can only offer promotion for you as a writer in exchange for your written work. If this is of interest to you, drop us a line on our Contact Page and select Blogistic as the subject. Let us know what topics you would like to write about.

How can I be featured in the WKC Blogistic?
Submit a request via the contact page. Your profile will be reviewed and our team will contact you for further info.

Help general

Do you sell user info to other companies?
We do not sell or distribute our user info to any 3rd party. It is strictly used for our targeted audience reports. For more information view our privacy policy.

What can I do if I'm being harassed?
Well, we know a guy named Wilson that can handle any situation. Just joking. Not really. But seriously. Take advantage of the "Block" feature found underneath anyone's profile image. They will never contact you from that account in any way again on this site. Keep in mind, they may open a new account under a different name and contact you. If you find the problem is out of control, select Report Abuse in the list of subjects on our contact page, copy and paste the URL address of the member's profile into your email and we will investigate the situation and establish a solution. Trust that We Know City does not take harassment lightly. We will eradicate all users that do not abide by our terms and conditions.


Help Jobs

How can I work for We Know City?
We do not have paid positions available. We do, however, have internships available for independent programmers and writers for our blog as you will read in the next question. You are also welcome to join the WKC street team. Facilitating promotional efforts as well as providing informational resources you find throughout your daily surfing experiences are always beneficial. We strive to help others grow and reach their goals. The more we know the more we can share.


Help Join

Is We Know City free to join?
Absolutely. No strings attached. Nothing up our sleeves. **Be sure to add admin@weknowcity.com to your address book before you join to prevent your activation email from being placed in your junk/spam folder.**

What is the age requirement to join?
You MUST be at least 13 years of age.

Help Music and Video

How do I add music/video to my profile?
a. Click on My Office within the top nav bar then click on the "Music/Video" blue button to the right. 
b. Click upload under music to add files from your hard drive.
c. Paste the address of the video you wish to add.

Note: (Videos should be uploaded to a 3rd party site like You Tube. Then copy and paste the video sharing web address/url into your WKC video slot.)

Help Photos

What size and format should my pictures be?
a. Any size is acceptable and resolution should be at least 72dpi,
b. Formats: jpeg, png, or gif


Help Profile

How do I add a second page for my business or another personal page?
Go to My Office, click on the blut button "page 2" on the right, follow the instructions, then set up your page the same way you did the first.

* If you cannot find the answer to your question, go to our contact page and select Help List as the subject. Please provide as much information as possible so we can properly assist you.