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Somebody knows somebody. If you are in the art, fashion, entertainment, music and writing industries, you know how hard it is to be noticed, to find specific types of people for your projects, and to fully understand everything you need to be successful in your career. Not many people are willing to share knowledge. Companies don’t have the time to go from club to club, listen to every demo, see every person perform, view every portfolio submitted, and watch every film handed to them. You don't have the time to visit every company, dance studio, TV station etc and show them what you’re made of. We Know City®, Inc. is simply a bridge to help you reach higher levels and connect you with people and businesses that have been where you are and now stand ground where you want to be.

We Are

It’s all about who you know and who they know. Searching for the right person and company with the experience and skills you need can be time consuming. A FREE resource and SUPPORTIVE online community for art, acting, dance, fashion, film, graphics, photography, modeling, music and writing has been constructed under one roof. Hence the rise of We Know City®, Inc. Our sole purpose is to uplift and advocate up-and-coming businesses and individuals with the determination to succeed. We implore everyone to promote their talent, network with like-minded people, profit from their success, and enjoy the results.

We are adamant about building our foundation with a fortified base. We have been down that road of creating and wanting our expressions and emotions to reach the world and be recognized for it. Due to vast competition, it becomes hard to make the right connections to catapult your skills and talent. Promotion is key. There’s nothing like knowing exactly what you want, being within arms reach, and not having the ability to grab hold and take advantage of it.


The We Know City website is your promotional tool to help broaden your exposure to the masses. Be featured on our homepage, create 2 profiles in 1 account, pin point exactly who you would like to meet with the precise experience you seek, educate yourself on your career, shop, promote your art and your business and much more to come.

Business Advantage

Companies in search of people that meet specific requirements will thoroughly enjoy the ease of We Know City’s search system. For example: you can search for someone by age, height, size, years of experience in any industry, art medium, instrument played, language they speak and much more. The results couldn’t be anymore precise.

Join, explore, gain information, then go out there and make your dreams reality.